VRC Cycles - Fitting instructions


When fitting your new caps to your Cranks or pedals, you should make sure that all the threads on your parts are clean and run true and freely.

Any dirt or thread burrs must be removed from all threads and it is recommended that you run a metal tool with the same thread as your part through the thread on your parts, to make sure they run freely and easily before fitting your new caps.

If you have caps that require an Allen key to fit then you must make sure that you use the right size these may vary from 5, 5.5 or 6 mm, DO NOT force or use the wrong size tool when fitting your caps this may result in damaging the chrome finish.

If your parts have been refurbished and the front surface has been ground or sanded this will potentially alter the fitting of your caps and they may sit fractionally proud of your part Please note that these are a reproduction item and made from plastic and are of a decorative nature.

Using excessive force when fitting your new items could result in damaging your product. Failure to follow these instructions above will void any warranty claim.