MKS - 2 x MKS logo Pedal Caps - Black - old school bmx


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MKS - 2 x MKS logo Pedal Caps - Black - old school bmx

These will fit BM-10, Diamondback,  BM-7  and are sold in Pairs

All of our items unless stipulated as originals are sold as reproduction items, not original and are of a decorative nature. The moulds that are used to make these parts were made using mostly New Old Stock (NOS) original parts or the best sample we could get access to at the time, we also have samples sent to us from around the world to use as samples to cast from, NO harm comes to the original item during the reproduction process. Each item is hand cast one at a time using a two part rigid polyurethane plastic. The head badges in our range are all individually hand painted one at a time and our chrome items are all metalized chrome not painted, Every effort has been made to create all these items as close to the originals as possible.

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